The Story

I had always been fit but after a concerning doctor's visit regarding my heart health, I needed to change what I ate to maintain my health without meds. I continued with natural foods since I avoided protein extracts, artificial flavorings, and sugar alcohols. With my diet changes, I wanted a snack bar with great taste to replace my morning oatmeal and the handful of chocolate-covered peanuts I typically munched on each afternoon. Over two years, I made almost 2,000 bars in my kitchen and worked with industry professionals to get the recipe for this food bar just right. Now, I am proud to share Bobby’s obi bar.

Bobby's obi bar is a high protein high fiber bar with a perfect balance of delicious taste and healthy eating. Each ingredient has been selected with this purpose. Obi bar has whole food protein, good fats (monounsaturated), and as much oat fiber as a bowl of steel-cut oats. Oat fiber is not only heart-healthy but also ideal for gut health, and unlike fiber extracts, it is gentle on the digestive system. Obi bar is naturally sweetened with fruits and just a touch of honey. We designed obi bar to be "better than an apple," with more fiber and less sugar content.

My passion is to inspire people to strive for a healthy lifestyle. I hope obi bar becomes your “go-to” healthy snack or a light meal like it has for many of my friends and me.

Welcome to Obi Life,


Founder and Foodmaker